Hiking Sep. 9th 2006

One Saturday morning I thought that I wanted to go hiking. So I took the bus at 9.55am from Torshavn to Kirkjubø.

First to a port
The bus first drives to a port where a ferry sails to Skopun. I didn't go with that ferry, however, because I wanted to go to Kirkjubø.

Bus stop
A suitable place to get off the bus is by a curve.

An information board
There is also an information board with information about the area.

It is time to go.

When you look up, you can see a path that you can walk on.

Path 1 Path 2
It is not easy to see the path, but it is there.

There are cairns.

There is a gate.

When I looked down, the fog was very dense.

It is worth while to have a compass in the fog.

Set the course
First you set the course. I knew that the course should be 20° in order for me to get to Torshavn.

Hold the compass right
When the course is set, you hold the compass so that the red circle is inside the blue circle. Then you just walk straight forward. The fog was there for about half an hour. This picture is taken after the fog went away.

Still fog
But the fog is still there.

A small lake
A small lake in the fog.

Almost clear
It begins to be clear again.

A view to the south.

A brook
A brook.

A lot of rocks.

Another lake
Another lake.

Approaching Torshavn
Approaching Torshavn.

Argir, part of Torshavn
Argir, which is a part of Torshavn. The clock is 12.31pm.

Hike from Kirkjubø to Argir
Some time after that I went on this hike again at least two times, bringing a GPS receiver. Here is a map of both hikes with a GPS receiver. At some places there is a gap between the dots. That means that I rode with the bus.