In Esbjerg, Denmark in 2006 and 2007

At summer 2006 and summer 2007 I was in Esbjerg, Denmark. In addition to that, I also was in Esbjerg at Christmas in 2006.

Map of Denmark
This is a map of Denmark from Google Earth™ mapping service.

Drove to Vagar airport Drove to Vagar airport
I rode with the bus to Vagar airport. The plane was delayed until the day after. It was wearisome to wait.

In Vagar airport In Vagar airport
Waiting in Vagar airport.

Ride to Esbjerg
Ride in car from Billund airport to Esbjerg.

My mother's garden My mother's garden
My mother's garden.

Mother's garden Mother's garden

American ice
Aaah, an American ice.

Portrait of me
A portrait of me.

Waiting for the bus Going away from the road Strandvejen
Was in the town shopping.

Henning's cat Henning's cat
My younger brother Henning was on a visit in Esbjerg and he brought the cat all the way from Århus.

Mennesket geocache
I visited a geocache called "Mennesket ved havet".

Walking towards Ådalen geocache Walking towards Ådalen geocache
I also visited another geocache called "Ådalen".

View from Ådalen View from Ådalen
There is a pretty view from Ådalen.

Aeroplane in Billund
This is the aireplane flying home to Faroe Islands.

Waiting in Billund airport Waiting in Billund airport
On my way home I wait in Billund airport. Then I found out that the plane is delayed until the next morning at 06.00. So I have to spend the night in a hotel. This was in 2006.

Arrive at Vingsted hotel Arrive at Vingsted hotel
We arrive at Vingsted hotel to spend the night.

Vingsted in the morning Vingsted in the morning
Vingsted in the morning.

Driving from Vagar airport
At last I drive from Vagar airport to Torshavn by bus.

In Esbjerg, Denmark in 2006 and 2007

I was also in Esbjerg at Christmas 2006.

The christmas tree The christmas tree
The christmas tree.

The cat
The cat was there as it has been so often before.

Changing a light bulb
My younger brother Henning replaces a light bulb.

Unpacking christmas gifts
At Christmas Eve we unpack gifts.

Faroese party
The day after Christmas Day there is a party in the Faroese society. People travel to here from afar.

Fireworks Fireworks
Fireworks New Year's eve.